Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cherry No More

Today I did it. I have been resisting for a while... just saying "no" when the opportunity arose... and I found myself in the situation... yes... today I lost my blog virginity. And Christ, it hurts.

I'm trying to figure out why people are so addicted to this shit. Remember the last Presidential election? All you'd hear on the news that night was, "Let's go to the bloggers". Fuck the analysts... ask the bloggers!

Well, political bloggers may have a lot to blog about. Guess what... I don't. I guess I can tell you about my morning and how my wife threatened to flush my dick down the toilet next time I didn't flush my midnight piss. Personally, I think hearing about a potentially flushed dick is far more exciting than politics anyway.

I guess I can also tell you that I just spelled checked this fucking thing because I had spelled analysts wrong... and the Blogger spell checker doesn't recognize the word "blog" or "blogger". Now that's entertainment.


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